Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Adam Walls
Posted 09/17/2019 10:04AM

Crossing the campus, you'll hear him, a teacher with a booming voice giving a warm greeting to every student he passes.  He says things like "you doing, ok?" or "hey, how is your class going?" Students reply, give a high five and pass by Mr. Walls, smiling.  Mr. Adam Walls is considered a top student favorite, teaching U.S. History and Theatre. Walls is a 2007 alumnus turned teacher, and for him, Warrior pride runs deep, but his teaching mission gets to the heart of his students as he hopes to leave a lasting impact on their lives.  

Valley Christian Schools: Hey Mr. Walls thanks for sitting down with us, what brought you back to VCS and how long have you been teaching here? 

Walls: This is my fifth year as a teacher up here on the hill. I graduated from VCS back in 2007. And when I was finishing up my master's degree I had a feeling that VCS was the place for me. I wanted to give back what I received when I was a student here.

VCS: Can you tell us what you love about teaching?

Walls: I love teaching for several reasons. It's the ability to share something that I care about that I'm passionate about specifically my subject, history. It's a rewarding experience, especially in a day and age where I think we've lost touch with how important history is.  I love seeing students come into my class, not liking history and leave wanting to learn more, with a sense of purpose, and attachment to the past.

VCS: What do you appreciate about your students at VCS?

Walls: I love the students here at Valley because of their compassion. I think a lot of times young people get unfair criticism for how they act. VCS students are an incredible example of the compassion and kindness that this generation has. I can't tell you how many times I've had students just ask me how I'm doing and genuinely wanting to know the answer. They'll ask how they can help out, or they will go out of their way to assist me before I ask for it. I see the compassion in every student that I've interacted with here at VCS.

VCS: What is one thing that keeps you teaching here at VCS?

Walls: What keeps me here is the students. One of the most reliably enjoyable things in my life has been my students in the classroom. No matter how crazy or unpredictable life gets when I'm off-campus; my interactions with students provide me the energy I need. I can't imagine another job where I get to be influenced and influence others. At the end of the day, just being their teacher feels right in my heart.

VCS: What is one thing you hope your students will take from your classes?

Walls: Number one, history is great. More personally, though, I hope that they know that they are important and that they matter. I think many students come to our school with lives outside these walls that can be rough at times. Many of them feel unimportant. So sure, I want them to know the effect of the Great Depression had on World War II, but I would much rather they leave my class knowing that they have a place, a purpose and that they're important.
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