Valley Christian Junior High has a wide variety of clubs available. Here is a sampling of some of our past clubs:


Our club goals include the following: to promote environmental awareness, to develop agricultural engineering skills, to provide ecological research opportunities, and to build business skills. Numerous activities involve students in hands-on projects such as, raising crops, organic, urban farming, environment studies, ecological studies, and chickens! 


Our club is open to all Junior High students interested in learning or playing tournament chess. Tournaments are usually held on Saturdays. Students who play in tournaments will earn a U.S. Chess Federation rating. Playing chess is like an exciting story, where the story unfolds, strategies are formed and changed, suspense grows, and then the final drama unfolds where one king has no place to hide but to concede unless a stalemate ensues. Your story is just a move away.


The VCJH Clay Club is a wonderful opportunity for students to have hands-on learning experiences. The class will make functional pottery as well as playful 3D art, pinch pots and various other clay projects. No experience is needed, just an open mind and heart for fun. 


Do you love writing? What about using your imagination? Well, bring your iPad or pen and paper, and come have some fun in the Creative Writing Club! Every Tuesday at lunch in room E300, we play writing games, come up with fun poems, read each other's stories, and make up exciting new ones. This club will allow students to get their creative juices flowing, use their imaginations, and relax with some pressure-free writing time!


An opportunity for our eighth grade young men to gather with Mr. Delke and look at the important issues they face. We will look to the Bible for insight and wisdom into how to deal with all the issues facing young men today.


GEM ST. stands for Girls love Engineering, Math, Science, and Technology. We invite you to join this fabulous club where you can do cool math, science, and engineering! Do you think it is fun to build, create, get messy, use tools, and mix stuff up? GEM ST club gives girls the chance to try new things with their friends and to succeed without the pressure of grades, test scores, or boys watching. 


Open to all Junior High ladies. We pray and spend time working through devotionals and sharing with one another. This is a great chance to meet new people and pray for each other as we learn and study the Word of God.


Do you need some assistance in English or Math…don’t we all?? Now you can seek help everyday after school with Mrs. Hawkins and Mrs. Moses. Drop in and get that help you need. 


Do you enjoy reading? Need a chance to read that book report book? Open to all junior high students, Lunch Bunch Reading Club meets weekly at the Library table area and provides 30 minutes of sustained silent reading time while participants quietly eat lunch.


Students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and their creativity through utilizing a variety of tools, techniques, and disciplines. Under the direction of Mr. Fairweather, students are taught proper safety guidelines of all the materials before they can begin. Students then experiment, design and create in all forms from soldering to woodworking.


This is an exciting opportunity to grow in your understanding and knowledge of mathematical concepts. The club competes in several local and national assessments and competitions such as the Chi Alpha Mu National Honors Society, Online Math Competitions, American Regional Math League, National Assessment Testing, MathCounts, and the Math Olympiad. 


All students are welcome to join this club in order to have an opportunity to support our school by creating posters, planning rallies, and running community building activities around campus. Go Warriors!


The STAR club is for all Junior High students who have an interest in wireless communications. We will be tracking satellites, performing experiments with radio technology, developing emergency radio service skills, preparing for the FCC Technician Class Radio Exam, and, for licensed operators, receiving and transmitting Radio Communications. For students who enjoy hands-on projects that both challenge and intrigue to make the most fun and exciting lunch activity around. Join us and reach for the stars!


Our club is open to all Junior High students who are interested in reading God’s Word with other students and discussing the meaning behind what was read. If you are interested in learning more about what the Bible has to say and how it is relevant to your life, then join us every Friday at lunch.


Do you sometimes feel lonely, scared, or a little lost in this world? In John 16:33, Jesus said “In this world we will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We can find perfect peace in His presence. Come join the #PeaceEveryDay Club, where we will promote God’s everlasting love and peace in our school, home, and community. Our #PeaceEveryDay Club will meet at lunch, in room E403; every Wednesday, hosted by Mrs. Tuttle. Come join us in prayer, devotions, and planning events around school to promote God’s everlasting love and peace.

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